Metal Logo Signs Durant

Great businesses thrive on excellent branding techniques. The branding does not end with the logo’s design.

A creative logo design is the start of important branding that one can magnify into bold custom metal signs for the business in significant foot traffic areas. The best way to put up distinct signage is to add stability, length, strength, and sleekness to any contemporary design. Metal logo signs in Durant offer a perfect blend of the properties that encapsulate a desirable logo.

Do metal logo signs attract more customers?

You may surprise yourself at the new perception and attitude the Durant OK custom metal signs drives into your business. You will get an instant shift in client attraction because the company will be successful in converting by-passers into actual clients. The specific advantages of using our metal logo signs include:

  • They are extremely durable in most climatic conditions.
  • They can easily amplify the uniqueness of the business because they are easy to customize
  • A metallic logo design is easy to maintain because it may not need all the maintenance services you will require for wood or canvas.
  • The channels are very accommodative of light installs.
  • Fabricated custom metal logo signs have various finishes, such as stainless steel, satin, polished gold titanium, enamel pain, and natural stain steel, among many others.

What are fabricated metal sign letters?

Fabricated metal logo signs are hollow and have deep and long sides. Installing backlights on these signs creates a halo effect around the edges. One can see as many colors as possible and hardwire the fabricated metal into wall switches that fit a wall outlet.

The most common creating procedures include:

  • Cutting – It is a standard fabrication process that reduces the metal into small pieces that can take up any shape.
  • Folding – The designer manipulates the metal at 90-degree angles, to make sharp or blunt edges of a shape.
  • Welding – It is a simplified fabrication process that joins two separate metal parts using electric heat
  • Punching – The most common intent of the process is to punch holes into the metal, to install latches that will hold the design in place
  • Stamping – The process intends to raise designs such as letters and logos from the metal surface. A primary example of how your logo will look with this design are the designs on coins.

Different ways of creating fabricated logos

Fabricated metal logo signs in Durant can follow any of the two designs below:

Box signs

These fabricated metal signs in Durant OK typically have a rectangular or square structure. The sign can have or lack lighting that is single or double-faced. The box signs have an interior lighting system that illuminates the sign’s front.

Push-through copy

The push-through copy is a graphic or letter that one cuts out and sticks to a corresponding space on another surface. The graphical letters usually have different colors or material than the surface at the bottom. They can also have translucent acrylic to allow the visibility of an opaque sign and internal lighting on the interior sign.

The exact fabrication process depends on the particulars of your brand, business setting, and location. Talk to us on (580) 217-3855 now for a more specific list of designs we will use and pictures of previous projects to get a vision of your Durant metal logo signs.