How to Increase Your Business Revenue

How to increase revenue with new signage

The signage you use for your business is a direct representation of your business

Here Is A Small Test

Below are two images of two different plumbing shops.

Which of these two plumbing shops do you think represent better quality products and service? Which one would you use?

Plumbing shop 1

Plumbing shop 2

Never settle for less than what your business needs

Gone are the days when the signs in front of your store are little more than an afterthought. These days, with the right approach, they can not only help attract more attention from people passing by than ever before, but they can also help generate new customers AND increase sales in one fell swoop. Getting to this point is quite straightforward - you just have to keep a few key things in mind.

New Signage Almost Always Equals New Customers

One of the major benefits that custom business signs brings to the table is that it's another opportunity to put the "personality" of your business on display. Most people expect a sign on the front of your store to simply showcase your logo, your business hours or some other pieces of basic information. This is the way that many of your competitors are going to use their signs, so by doing something fresh and new, you’re separating yourself from the rest of the pack and attracting the attention of new consumers.

Case in point: you can regularly update your custom business signs to show off new products and services, or to adjust your brand messages to play into whatever the new hot topic is. With customer business signs you can effortlessly change your messaging to show off an incredible sale you’re having, that hot new item you  have in stock, or to directly reference upcoming events and promotions. Truly, it's the perfect opportunity to capitalize on heavy foot traffic and pull new customers into your establishment.

New Signage Can Easily Lead to Increased Sales, Too

Another one of the major advantages of custom business signs has to do with how they actually empower the buyer's journey. Yes, their main goal is to highlight products and services through captivating content and imagery, but with the right approach, you can go even further than that.

Consider using your new digital signage as a way to show off product demonstration videos, for example - giving people a complete look into how easy and fun your product is to use WITHOUT requiring them to spend time sitting down with a salesperson. They can always take that next step if they want to, but videos that reveal features, demonstrations and even satisfied customer testimonials are a perfect chance to let customers make a decision on their own terms.

This can also be a tremendous opportunity to highlight complementary products and services, too - thus increasing your chances at up-selling and cross-selling exponentially. You could even advertise packages that let people know "If you're interested in product X, you really want to buy accessories A, B and C to get the most out of your purchase."

These are the types of things you simply cannot pull off with boring, static, old-fashioned signage and are absolutely a huge part of why custom business signs are the way of the future.

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