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Kent Springer has held many jobs in his lifetime - including working at a Rent A Center while in college and cleaning cars on the side. It was the latter that he became locally known for, to the point where he decided to open his own cleaning service after receiving a bombardment of calls from satisfied customers. So, he put in his two weeks notice at Rent-A-Center and set-off to open a business of his own. 
After a few years, Kent decided that it was time to take his business to the next level. He attended a window tinting school in Dallas, which enabled him to offer cleaning and tinting services to even more customers. In 2010, one of those customers asked him to order a grill guard for their vehicle. Kent expanded his business once again to meet those needs, which is when he formed K & D Customs.

New Businesses Create New Relationships

At this point, Kent needed a business card - which is what brought him to The Sign Depot for help. Of course, their assistance didn't stop there. Kent hit it off with the friendly team at The Sign Depot, who continued to act as a mentor to him and helped him get his business off the ground in the most successful way possible. All throughout this time, K & D Customs continued to grow, developing a reputation as a leader in not only professional detailing and window tinting, but also side-by-side accessories, truck accessories, spray-in bed liners, ATV equipment, and much, much more.
Flash forward just a few years to 2016 and K & D Customs got a call from BodyGuard Bumpers based out of Paris, Texas. BodyGuard themselves were widely recognized for their front and rear replacement bumpers that are heavy duty, off-road ready and that allow customers endless options when it comes to customization. 
The proposition was simple: they wanted to know if Kent and his team were interested in building a Sema Truck, which is the pinnacle of this particular industry. Of course, the answer was yes - who would say "no" to an opportunity that significant? Kent knew that if things went well, this could expose K & D Customs to a massive new audience. To say that the stakes were high was an understatement.
From there, Kent and his team started building the truck out and eventually brought it to Las Vegas. All they wanted was to do as well as possible, all while knowing that they'd done everything in their power to perform to the best of their abilities. They were literally on the biggest stage you could be on and all eyes were on them.
The good news is that everything DID go well. The BETTER news is that out of everyone that came to the show and out of the thousands of trucks in contention, K & D Customs won first place with their 2016 Chevy 2500 with a 9-inch lift from Mcgaughys Suspension with outdoor speakers.
That's right - K & D Customs won an award for the Best Lifted Truck in 2016, which was a high point in Kent's career up to that point. 

K & D Customs and The Sign Depot: Partners Forever

From the beginning, Kent always made it a priority to surround himself with the right people - those who have the same values that he does and who share the same vision for how to best grow a business. That's in large part why they get along so well with the team at The Sign Depot - all are committed to amazing service, quality and dependability every time so that customers are guaranteed to be taken care of. Yes, they operate in totally separate industries - but this core dedication to the customers who have helped them so much over the years remains steadfast. 
The Sign Depot has always gone out of their way to help K & D Customs whenever possible - be it with the launch of a new marketing campaign or for a last-minute job for a truck going to a show in Houston. It's a mutually beneficial relationship for everyone involved - and one built on trust, loyalty and determination in equal parts. 
In addition to vehicle detailing and window tinting, K & D Customs also offers a wide range of different financing options that customers can take advantage of so that nothing stands in between them and the car of their dreams. This is another in a long line of examples of why K & D Customs and The Sign Depot are such a good fit for one another. Both are committed to not only meeting customer expectations but exceeding them by doing what they do best.

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